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Edward E. Lees, President/Owner

Cell: (727) 919-3264
Email: elees@leesenvironmental.com

Edward E. Lees, CFEA, LEP, REPA

  • Certified Florida Environmental Assessor #62 (Florida Environmental Assessors Association)
  • Licensed Environmental Professional #49 (International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals)
  • Registered Environmental Property Assessor #2851 (National Registry of Environmental Professionals)


  • Graduate Gulf High School, New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida
  • United States Army Medical Supply Training Program - Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
  • Florida Real Estate Licensing Course, Pasco/Hernando Community College
  • Environmental Science Courses, University of Florida: Training, Research, & Education for Environmental Occupations (TREEO) Center.
  • Environmental Science and Geology Studies, LaSalle University
  • Physical Geology/Florida Geology, Pasco/Hernando Community College

Professional License/Certifications/Registrations

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker, State of Florida License Registration No. BK 0173832
  • Certified Florida Environmental Assessor, No. 62, issued through the University of Florida TREEO Center, Florida Environmental Assessors Association
  • Licensed Environmental Professional, No. 49, issued by International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals
  • Registered Environmental Property Assessor, No. 2851, National Registry of Environmental Professionals

Professional Experience

Mr. Lees owned a local retail men's wear business and served six (6) years in the U.S. Army Reserve prior to becoming a full-time Florida licensed commercial real estate agent in 1983. Mr. Lees later obtained a Florida real estate broker license in 1984. Mr. Lees co-owned and operated a commercial real estate company that dealt primarily with major oil companies and convenience food/gasoline store chains. During 1988, Mr. Lees was responsible for establishing a "scope of work" for the environmental assessment of 328 convenience food stores (with petroleum product storage) that were sold in a multi-million dollar transaction to a foreign company. As a result of this major real estate transaction and the environmental/contamination issues that were addressed, Mr. Lees accepted a part time position with an environmental engineering firm located in Lakeland, Florida to perform Phase I environmental site assessments (Phase I ESAs) on commercial properties that were in the process of being sold, mortgaged, or foreclosed on by various lending institutions and banks.

In 1991, Mr. Lees accepted a full time position with Mortensen Engineering, Inc., a geotechnical and environmental company located in Tampa, Florida. During the time Mr. Lees was employed at Mortensen, he was responsible for reviewing Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments performed by other personnel and assisting with contamination assessments related to petroleum product and dry cleaning solvent contamination. In June 1997, Mortensen Engineering was divided into two (2) entities for environmental services and geotechnical services. Due to the tremendous amount of hours necessary for travel and job requirements, Mr. Lees left the employment of Mortensen Engineering, Inc. (under favorable conditions) and formed Lees Environmental Services, Inc. in August 1997. Lees Environmental Services, Inc. was established in order to serve the environmental needs of various lenders in the Pasco County area, as well as expansion of larger corporations from both inside and outside of Pasco County.

During September 2007, Mr. Lees joined with Jeffrey Burke and Robert Wood and formed Southeastern Petroleum Contractors, Inc. (SPCI), a company specializing in the removal and installation of petroleum product storage tanks throughout the State of Florida. SPCI has been very successful since it's initiation, and in a short period of time, has completed several storage tank installations (with tank sizes ranging from 10,000 to 30,000-gallons) along with related updates at various fuel facilities.

For a short period of time, Mr. Lees was involved in a business that sold and installed non-chlorine swimming pool systems and ozone-treatment drinking water systems for connections on municipal and/or private well systems.

Mr. Lees is a Florida Certified Environmental Assessor (CFEA No. 62), which is a certification that was attained through the University of Florida TREEO Center, the Florida Environmental Assessors Association, and the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. In addition, Mr. Lees is a Registered Environmental Property Assessor (NREP No. 2851), which is a designation through the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, and a registered real estate broker in the State of Florida (License Registration No. BK 0173832). Mr. Lees has completed the OSHA 40-Hours Site Worker Safety Training program (Certificate No. A-22336) with annual updates, and OSHA Supervisor Specialized Training.

Mr. Lees is qualified to perform environmental site assessments nationally and in the State of Florida, and has completed hundreds of comprehensive Phase I and II environmental site assessments primarily for major bank and corporate clients. Other projects that he has completed or assisted on include, preliminary asbestos assessment studies, a large lead dust abatement project associated with an indoor shooting range, contamination assessments and tank closure reports, remedial action plans, and remedial actions associated with the cleanup of petroleum constituent contamination.

Lees Environmental Services, Inc. and Southeastern Petroleum Contractors, Inc. are qualified petroleum product contamination cleanup contractors with the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and have active cleanup sites under assessment and/or remediation for the state’s petroleum cleanup preapproval program.

Professional Affiliations

  • Florida Environmental Assessors Association (FEAA)
  • International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals
  • National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
  • State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers - Engineering Business
  • State of Florida Board of Professional Geologists - Geology Business

Continuing Education

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Above/Underground Storage Tank Management Compliance/Cleanup Issues, The National Institute for Storage Tank Management
  • Introduction to Subsurface Investigation Techniques, The Environmental Information Association
  • Due Diligence at Dawn, The Florida UST Efficiency Task Force and Risk Based Remediation Standards, Dunn & Bradstreet Information Services
  • Course #3547, A Standard Operating Procedure Plan for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, University of Florida, TREEO Center
  • FDEP'S Requirements for Above/Underground Storage Tank Management & Contamination Assessments, The National Institute for Storage Tank Management
  • Course #3366, Groundwater Monitoring, Analysis & Data Interpretation, University of Florida TREEO Center
  • Course #2366, Introduction to Groundwater Contamination Investigation and Remediation Assessment, University of Florida, TREEO Center
  • Course #2360, Hydrogeology: Applications of Fundamental Concepts and Field Techniques to Florida Groundwater Investigations, University of Florida, TREEO Center
  • Course #11-106, Planning & Conducting Environmental Audits, University of North Florida
  • Avoiding Environmental Liability in Florida, National Business Institute
  • How to Manage Underground Storage Tanks - Institute for Underground Storage Tank Management
  • OSHA 40-Hour Site Worker Safety Training, National Health & Safety Training, Inc.
  • Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Technical & Professional Training Department
  • Florida Environmental Assessors Association, Inc. Implementation of ASTM Standard Guide E 1903-97 for Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • OSHA 8-Hour Update Site Worker Training (Annually)
  • Mandatory 8 Hour Updates for Florida Real Estate Commission

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